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Super Pulsed Laser Technology: The GameDay Difference

There are over 4,000 published studies on the effectiveness of laser and light therapy. The engineers and scientists who developed the GameDay Laser reviewed all of the available literature. They qualified, selected and synchronized the best technologies and combined them all into one product that is safe, effective and easy to use.



Laser is structured light, single phase waves that are coherent and collimated. This type of sophisticated light produces more photon energy for medical uses.

Super Pulsed Laser

Super Pulsed Laser provides better control of penetration of photon energy. The physical properties of this type of laser also provides more power than any other consumer grade laser, most of which are Class 3A and less than 5mW of power.

Infrared LEDs

Infrared LEDs provide a broad band of light to intermediate tissue, thereby allowing the laser to penetrate deeper.

Magnetic Field

The magnetic field focuses light energy over the target area.

Broadband Infrared LEDs

Broadband Infrared LEDs provide a multiple therapeutic spectrum to intermediate tissue and allows for a wider range of benefits.

Red LEDs

Red LEDs saturate the superficial tissue layers, allowing the laser and Infrared LEDs to reach their expected target depths.

Pulsed Red LEDs

Pulsing creates a synergistic effect and avoids over-saturation of tissue at superficial levels.