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GameDay helps you during your preparation stage.

The difference you make in between competition is usually what sets you apart during competition Strenuous training can lead to Movement System Syndrome. In addition, Physical Stress Theory states that those who are able to train, adapt, and compete while staying between “increased tolerance” and “injury” thresholds will succeed. Setting 1 on the GameDay Laser was specifically designed to help you keep up the intensity of your training during this crucial time.


GameDay helps to boost your performance.

Setting 2 on the GameDay Super Pulsed Laser is specifically designed to enhance performance. The GameDay laser increases microcirculation and provides the immediate benefits in performance associated with microcirculation. In addition, Setting 2 also provides a proprietary sweep of frequencies that provides the maximum range of stimulatory pulses to allow for photon absorption.


GameDay helps your body recover quickly.

Setting 3 on the GameDay laser is designed specifically to help you recover from bumps and bruises, muscle sprains, stiffness or spasms. The scientifically supported inhibitory frequencies used in Setting 3 allow for pain relief and helps you get back to your training regimen “at the speed of light”.

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