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GameDay helps to boost your performance.

Setting 2 on the GameDay Super Pulsed Laser is specifically designed to enhance performance. The GameDay laser increases microcirculation and provides the immediate benefits in performance associated with microcirculation. In addition, Setting 2 also provides a proprietary sweep of frequencies that provides the maximum range of stimulatory pulses to allow for photon absorption.

Keep it close! The Game Day Laser is the tool to use prior to competition. Studies have shown improved performance by 20% (over placebo) during the activity and a noted increase in performance by 10-15% after 48 hours!!*
It provides protection against muscle damage when used before activity.*
Another study found that 80% of all baseball pitchers were able to improve total pitch count (p<0.023) by 16% with one active laser session that lasted less than 5 minutes! *
The Clinical trial has demonstrated a 100% improvement in strength after 30 days compared to the placebo by administrating pre and post lifting treatments with the Multi Radiance laser for 30 days and found at 120 days there was a 150% improvement when treatments were given before the exercise.*

The study by Dr, Miranda, et al demonstrated the Multi Radiance laser produces statistically significant improvements in running. A single pre-exercise improved time to exhaustion (p<0.000), the distance travelled (p<0.023), pulmonary ventilation (p<0.004), VO2 max (p<0.003) while decreasing dyspnea

Important Performance Tips for:

Athletic Trainers and Coaches

  • Slowly scan the predominant muscle groups to be used during the competition.
  • Use the Over-Pressure technique for maximum depth of penetration.
  • Make sure athletes use the GameDay Laser a minimum of ½ hour prior to game or event.

Professional Athletes

  • Refer to your GameDay plan. The GameDay plan will detail the correct locations and doses for you based on your personalized performance plan.
  • Slowly scan (1 centimeter per second) with slight pressure the length of the predominant muscle group.
  • Repeat as necessary during performance as able and/or needed.

Amateur Athletes

  • Place the GameDay Laser directly on the muscle groups used at your position in your sport (Football-Neck, Arms and Shoulders, Soccer-calves and hamstrings).
  • Press the laser firmly and scan the muscle group from top to bottom counting “One Mississippi’s".
  • Be sure to customize your treatments with your own specific GameDay plan.

Weekend Warriors

  • Use the “three-point” rule. Treat arms at the inside of the elbow up toward the shoulder, then from the knee up to the groin, and finish with the inside of the ankle up to the knee.
  • Use at timeouts and breaks as needed, up to four times during the competition.
  • If competing in multiple events, try to save treatments for the beginning of each event.

* Research references