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Game Day Super Pulsed Laser by Multi Radiance Medical is effective for intense training programs, pain relief, muscle recovery, athletic performance enhancement and injury prevention.

The application of Game Day Laser fits into every stage of training and competition program: Preparation, Performance, and Recovery.

Important Preparation Tips for:


Use the laser prior to starting a workout in order to relieve any muscle-skeletal pain, reduce future muscle fatigue.

The Clinical Trial concluded the Game Day Laser treatment had a “protective” effect on the muscles minimizing oxidative damage compared to placebo and protected against fatigue.


The Game Day Laser is the tool to use prior to competition. Studies have shown improved performance by 20% (over placebo) during the activity and a noted increase in performance by 10-15% after 48 hours!!

Another study found that 80% of all pitchers were able to improve total pitch count (p<0.023) by 16% with one active laser session that lasted less than 5 minutes!


Utilizing the Game Day Laser after the work-out or completion will allow you speed up the recovery, reduce muscle fatigue and gain the strength and stamina to get to the next training quicker.

Our studies have shown 300% faster recovery (than a placebo)

Our laser technology allows you to naturally gain the benefits of quicker recovery, reduced muscle fatigue, increased blood circulation, increase in nitric oxide levels and as result enhanced athletic performance.


May be a part of any intense training program. Either a chronic pain from old injuries or an acute pain from recent trauma or overtraining, the Game Day Laser is a go to tool for a natural relief.

How it works:

The Game Day Super Pulsed Laser is the combined efforts of over 20 years of technical and clinical achievements.  The technology is designed with three specific light radiances built into a cluster probe to provide a Cascade Effect that optimizes absorption by synchronizing Super Pulsed Laser, infrared and Red light (660nm, 875nm and 905nm). It optimizes absorption by saturating tissue levels with light from each of the wavelengths, starting with 660nm and penetrating deeper. The Game Day Laser is Safe! It is FDA cleared for use without a prescription. There is never a danger for tissue burn no known side–effects.