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Scott Panchik

3 times CrossFit games athlete, educator, former college football player.

Prior to competition, I use the Game Day. The Game Day Laser has allowed me to train harder and recover faster.

From my years of competition, I have developed a herniated L5/S1. Using the Game Day Laser allows me to get pain relief without the use of medication.

It's safe, effective and portable. I keep it in my backpack and have it with me all the time. I even pull it out on the plane to reduce pain.

It's an essential part of my daily routine to optimize my performance.

Every athlete knows what the body feels like after intense workouts and competition. Using the Game Day allows me to recover and be 100% the next day.


Keeping Athletes in the Game

Laser technology has been used by many professional athletes and teams to help keep these athletes performing at their peak.

Hockey Puck
  • Anaheim
  • Calgary
  • Chicago
  • Colorado
  • Columbus
  • Detroit
  • Los Angeles
  • Montreal
  • Nashville
  • New York
  • Ottawa
  • Philadelphia
  • San Jose
  • St. Louis
  • Tampa Bay
  • Vancouver
  • Washington
  • Manchester
  • Norfolk
  • Worcester
  • CSKA Russian
    Hockey Team
  • University of Michigan
Soccer Ball
  • D.C. United
  • Dallas
  • Columbus
  • Sporting KC
  • French National
    Soccer Team
  • Russian National
    Soccer Team
  • Chicago
  • Colorado
  • Houston
  • Salt Lake
Basket Ball
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Los Angeles
  • Memphis
  • San Antonio
  • Marquette University
  • University of Kentucky
  • Atlanta
  • Detroit
  • Kansas City
  • San Francisco
  • St. Louis
  • Michigan State University
  • Stanford University
  • University of Miami
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Cincinnati
  • Kansas City
  • Minnesota
  • Seattle