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Prepare, Perform & Recover with the GameDay Laser - $3,495 It's GameDay
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1. Preparation

Your training is intense, and happens over an extended period of time. Your body has to get stronger, faster, more agile as you peak for competition. GameDay Laser is pre-programmed in Setting 1 to allow maximum benefits during this critical stage.


2. Performance

Athletes know that a split second counts. When performance is sometimes measured by a second, even a hundredth of a second, rely on the technology that is delivered in nanoseconds! Setting 2 on the GameDay Laser safely delivers the highest photon energy deep into your tissue because it is pre-programmed at the ideal frequency for maximum absorption.


3. Recovery

Your next competition could be in less than an hour, or it could be a week or month away. Your body needs to recover from the stress that elite athletes put on their bodies. Setting 3 on the GameDay Laser delivers powerful relief for acute issues like spasms, strains and sprains or more chronic issues like repetitive stress. This program is designed to keep you in the game, or get you back to your training cycle more quickly.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Laser Power
  • 905 nm
  • 640 nm
FDA Cleared
Self Checking Function
Yes / Daily
Yes / 24 months
300 grams / 0.5 lbs.
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
Supply Ratings
13.5 Vdc; max. 0.7 A
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